Dripta Roy is an innovator with clear insight into what is current. As founder of Dripta Design Studio in London, the Dutch-educated designer has a talent for visualisations and renderings, giving the products in his mind’s eye a place in reality. Skilfully crossing categories, Dripta has worked for clients as varied as Audi, ING, Burberry, Bose and Umbra. Designs such as his Magic Chair and Baby C have won acclaim from magazines and blogs across the globe including Detail, Prestige Design, California House and Home and Surface.

“My creative process involves translating smooth, organic shapes inspired by the world around me into my designs. My aim is to create products that are minimalistic yet fun—something that will spark a conversation.” - Dripta Roy

His Dream Bookshelf and Lotus Clock are definitely worth talking about. With the clock’s movable petals and uber-modern feel and the bookshelf’s clean lines and comic-book character, it’s impossible not to want them.

Dripta’s keen eye for style and aesthetic goes beyond product design and has led him to success in both his artistic print creations and photography. He recently received the AES Art Award 2011 for one of his works on exhibit at the AES gallery in Eindhoven.

With his prolific creativity and up-to-the-minute designs, Dripta Roy is definitely one to watch out for.

United Kingdom
Tel: +44 7568 324 258